Customized mirrors

So you’re looking for a custom or unique wall mirror, which one of these is you?


  • You would like us to design you a mirror based on your personality, your hobbies, your loves your life or your likes?
  • You are someone who seeks out a conversational art piece that no one else has, something totally exclusive to the world of art and wall mirrors.
  • You have a rough idea already and want that design to be made with our expertise?
  • You would like to personalize a mirror from our collection in some special way?
  • You already have a ready made design and would like us to make it for you.
  • You want a design in our shop but in another colour or another size?


If that’s a YES to any of them get in touch with us.


What are the benefits for you?

Ok, so we make you a custom mirror, so what are the benefits of having us design it, make it and bring it to life?

It could be an exclusive

It’s a one off that no one else can own – something special to you and what you want. It will remain a private custom piece from our collection. If you want more than one in your home or for your interiors, then we can make more of the same design – only just for you! We’ll send you out our special design questionnaire (CDP form).


You can have a mirror that is personalized in some way, perhaps a name, a logo or even tailored to who you are and the things you love and like. So choose an existing design or have us make you a brand new one.

Limited editions

Be happy knowing that you could be buying a limited edition, about 90% in our collection are limited editions. We can’t keep making hand signed fantastic designs forever…

Numbered originals

Yes, we number and code each mirror that we make, each one of our mirrors to some degree is a unique one-off, there is always something different about each one we have handcrafted. We photograph and record this information, just in case we need to validate a mirrors authenticity in the near future.

Certificate of authenticity:

You will receive a certificate from our studio, to hold and to keep alongside your art mirror that certifies that’s it is an original from and no one else. On it will be your very own specialised customer code. A photo of this goes into your personal file, for validation purposes.


Yes! I would love to have a custom made mirror! So what’s next?

Contact us
Let us know what your dream mirror would look like.

Design fees:

Once we have established what your needs are and it is clear that we can help, we will require a small deposit of $75 - none refundable. If your mirror gets made by us, this fee will be deducted from the final price of the mirror art to be produced. This design fee will guarantee that we use the design only for your project.