You might be a bit curious (and maybe even a bit worried) how we will safely ship your mirror.  

Experience with shipping

We have sent countless mirrors all around the globe and through this have gained a tremendous amount of experience. We know what works for sending fragile mirrors by post. After our attempts of using what was on the market and on offer from the standard suppliers, we decided to start from scratch.

Specialized box system

We researched and designed our very own specialized box system for our bespoke luxury art mirrors. We have tried and tested many prototypes. We also created scenarios of the type of handling our mirror boxes would endure.

As a result from our months on end experimenting, we finally reached a solid and strong conclusion in our packaging solution for our clients worldwide.

How we package our mirrors

Strips are cut from a specially designed cardboard sheet



The strips are hot glued together at certain places


The strips are folded over and the glue is set


We make a small batch of suspension strips per mirror


The suspension strips are folded out and tested


The strips are glued onto a larger strip to make a unit


The units are hot glued into the inside of the box


The mirror is placed into its vacuum pressed shell


The Shell box is closed up and information is added


Specially designed fasteners (csc’s) with industrial tie rips
are used to compress the shell securely shut


The shell is placed in between the suspension units


The box is sealed and prepared for shipping.

Would you like to see how it works in the real..?

Don’t forget: if you want your mirror to be wrapped up as a present for the one you love, we can do that too. Just contact us and send in your wishes