Something not clear?  Please read our FAQ’s. If you still have questions, please make sure to contact us.


On designing


  • I have a special design; can you make it for me?
    We are specialist, so please send us a message of your idea's.


  • I am really attracted to a certain mirror, but is not available in my preferred color?
    All colors are possible for us to provide. Please contact us.


  • How do I know that your mirror is original and not like some mass produced plastic from an industrialized production line?
    We send out a very special certificate of authenticity with all our bespoke mirrors. Also, our mirrors are hand signed from the maker and come with a unique code, which will link to you and you only. A mirror without a true and verifiable code is not an original Marvellous Mirror.


On packaging and shipping


  • I want the mirror to be a special gift for someone else. Can you add a special note on my behalf?
    Of course we can! We will address the mirror to this person and make the certificate in their name.  We also add a confidential letter, written by you. We can then especially wrap the box to your liking. Remember all of our mirrors come gift wrapped, please specify your requirements when you make the order with us.


  • How well do you package your mirrors, won’t they get broke while being shipped to my country?
    We professionally package and custom build each mirror box for each customer. We have been doing this now 3 years and so far we have never had any customer recieve a damaged mirror. 


On damage


  • I just opened my package and the mirror is damaged. What to do?
    Simply tell us how you got it, take some pictures for us so we can establish what has happened and what we can do to fix the problem - and we will do the rest. But don't worry, the mirror was insured for its journey to you and we will make all the arrangements and make sure we can get a new mirror out to you as soon as possible. In the worse case scenario you possibly will have to send it back to us, so please keep the box.


  • I have dropped my mirror and it’s now damaged. What to do?
    Please send us some pictures and we will see what needs to be done. We will look into local crafts people in your area who are qualified to fix and repair it. In the worst case scenario, it means sending it back to us. We can fix or replace the mirror for you , for a reasonable amount. It all depends on what state the mirror is in.


On refunds and guarantee


  • I would like to get a refund for my mirror
    That is possible. If we receive the mirror within two weeks after purchase in perfect condition, we will refund the full amount of your purchase. We cannot take care of the shipping fee. After the two week period, we can discuss with you the possibilities of a partly refund.


  • Is there a guarantee on my mirror?
    Yes! We offer a guarantee on all our craftsmanship mirrors; this is for the frame and not for the mirror glass itself. If you drop it or damage it in any other way, we are not responsible for any repair costs. In this case, contact us and we see what we can do for you!