How we make mirrors


At Marvellous Mirrors we love craftsmanship. All of our mirrors are designed and mady by hand. In this process we use crafting skills which are long forgotten or have been turned into a industrialized process.
Have a look how things come to live in our studio. And how we we ship each mirror in mint condition to our customers.

The creative process

When we create a new design we research new ideas, trends and favourable themes. We start to build up interesting designs and the chosen few we develop further. Larger and more detailed versions are then created. We will work through the correct proportions to make sure they are suitable for our working methods and unique style. Once we are happy we make some mock-ups to scale and then templates. All in all we make final refinements to the best ideas.

We draw the finished template onto wood and bandsaw the materials, ensuring we are as accureate to the design as possible.

 It's all about the hand work, the craftsmanship and fine tailoring. It's here we shape, carve, sculpt the fine details of the mirror. It’s all done by hand! After the crafting we sand the mirror frame. Ensuring its smooth and well primed for the hand painting process to begin.

Painting and spraying is also done meticulously by hand. This precize work could take several hours before finishing. The mirror needs sometimes a day in between to rest.

 All we have to do is finalize the process. We machine in the mirror space, glue in and finish off by painting the backside and apply the hanging system.

And our prototype is finished and ready for packaging and shipping.



Have a peak on our Pinterest page for more pics on the developing process.