Buy a New Project

At Marvellous Mirrors we continually create new designs for wall mirrors. This series of special designs are still in concept stage. You have the unique opportunity to be the first owner ever and so to bring a truly original mirror alive.


What’s in it for you:

  • You are the first certified owner; 
  • You pay a minimum of 10% less than the person buying the mirror after you from our shop;
  • As our client you can make slight adaptations to the outcome of the theme;
  • We keep you updated in the making process. You'll see stages of the mirror coming alive.


How does it work?

  • You buy the design you like form our shop;
  • We send a refined document over the design and how we are going to make it;
  • You have the opportunity to make adaptions if necessary;
  • We make the mirror to the specifications and wishes where we can;
  • When the mirror is finished we ship it to you by registered mail.


An example of Buy a new Project. The Quebus Mirror.

From design:




To reality: