Where to hang your wall mirror: 5 useful tips

So you have just bought someone special a unique wall mirror as a present. Next thing you are going to do is help them find that perfect place in their house.

I would like to share my most useful tips. Of course this information and tips can also assist you finding that perfect spot for your own special mirror.


What do wall mirrors do to an interior?

• They reflect, so they can be used to make a room look bigger or help create the illusion of more space

• They brighten up a room

• A mirror is useful in a place where you can take a peek at your looks

• A mirror becomes a conversation piece within your home

• They can inspire, purely by being different and new

• A work of art; your home is a gallery. They make easy impressions and can be used to reflect your true higher qualities

• A mirror is about design and will tell the world who you are and transfer your design awareness to those who peer on

• Balance – the mirror is a focal point, or can be used at being part of the Heart of the Home

• Distraction; mirrors can be playful, interesting, unique, quirky but also traditional, contemporary and sophisticated. Taking a break from the norm can be done well with mirrors, as they serve a function to you or anyone within its space.

Contrasting colors

With brightly colored mirrors you might find it making more of a statement and having a more natural look when it’s on a darker back ground or colored wall. This will be easy in making it stand out and really shine when it finally gets hung up. Ensure that the wall mirror is well spaced, balanced and equal on the wall space to get maximum results.

Take into consideration any doorways, windows and other functioning interior features that will interact with the space of the mirror. Do this before you finally drive home the nail. You don’t have to be a master interior designer to get the feel and balance within a room.

White wash walls

Most modern homes have at least one white wall. Or even with shades or light tones mixed in. White walls are something you have to deal with. Sadly they tend to have a “greying effect” on mirrors, but on the upside they do help the mirror bring about a brightening effect. For white walls, ideally your wall mirror will be darker – so to stand out more. Silver and gold also work well on white.

White on white tend to have a cancelling out effect. If you’re in this boat then try to add more light to the opposing wall. The mirror in question will pick this up and really radiate its desired effect.

Height of the mirror

Most mirrors are set up so that they reflect the face or the body of the person. Therefore they are to some degree entwined with ergonomic restraints. Having your mirror too high up or too low will slowly if not automatically get on your nerves, look odd or become an unused space. When you look in the mirror, you’ll be surprised of how little you actually need. As when you look in, you’re actually looking at double the length from where you stand – therefore you are in fact visibly smaller.

Although I’m not going to go into the technical babble here, just bare it in mind when you’re ready to hang up your mirror. It’s always best to check where the wire is, how high up it is and then position the screw or nail later. Based on where the ideal position is for you in comparison to the fittings.

Accessories around the mirror

When placing up your mirror try to bear in mind other items that can help enhance that special space. I feel that a table, additional pictures or wall plaques are ideal solutions to create that bit of perfection. Tables are great because you can then add flowers which might or might not reflect in the mirror.

They will bring to life the area and really set the scene on fire. Adding a sculpture or modern art to the table is also a great idea and this will transfer your desire or appreciation of the arts.

Like said before, you can add plaques of a similar style around the mirror space.

But try not to get too close or over do it. The focus should be on the mirror and its magical effects. Too much will dissolve any perfection.


Good luck!